Thursday, December 31, 2009


...My auntie love the original version of this song. She always sing the japanese version by Imai Miki and I can say tha the Japanese version is really good and I like it too. But when I heard this version, I like this much better. Her voice was so nice and so emotional. When you hear the song I'm sure you'll gonna like it too...Enjoy listening...

here's the lyrics

mianhae hajimayo 
jogummando yonggirul naebwayo 
ibyorun gohadon kunar chorom 
kurohke marhaeyo 

duryowodo yaegihaeyo 
amanaega usojurkoeyo 
kudaegagokjonghanun gotchorom
chagapji anhurkoryo 

na sashirun nomu himduroyo
gwaenchanhun gorlo boirppunijyo 
kudaedo kurohjyo 
ta nukilsuisoyo 
 jinagan irun jinaniringojyo 
jamshiyohaengur tonangotchorom 
kurohke na kurohke 
kidaryodo dwenayo 

naengjonghage marhaedongon 
kujarieso jiwoboryojyo 
johurnardurman jaku saenggakna 
kugeseir olyopjyo 

jigum kogi momchwosomyon 
dashimotborjido morununde 
mumohaejirsunopnun gongayo
choum kudaechorom 

todashi darun saram mannanun irdo
shwipjinun anhdanungor arayo 
sarangi odiso 
kurishwipge onayo 
amurohjido anhun kuinsaro
narul sogirsunopsurke eyo
ajikdo kudaewa

nomudo kuraer kuriwouroyo
gwaenchanhundu usodo anijyo 
kudaedo kurohjyo 
danukil suisoyo
jinaganirun jinanirin gojyo
jamshiyohaengur tonangotchorom
sodurlo sodurlo
naemajungur padayo 
nan midoyo kuraelanungor 
It's just a piece of my wish

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Monday, December 14, 2009


Source Ent Hunan TV

Translated by Elvenstar @

Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin starred in "It started with a kiss" a remake version of "Itazura na Kiss", it has been viewed that this was an example of a successful remake. Reporters have found out that the creators of the Korean drama "Boys over Flowers" will announce that they will be doing a remake of "Itazura na Kiss", at present they are looking for cast members, the netizens one after the other recommended "Boys before Flower" Lee Min Ho with his popularity at present extremely high.

Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin's version "It started with a kiss", they had only intended on shooting one, but they never of expected that such an old storyline would trigger explosive ratings, soon after the director decided to continue shooting "They kiss again", this has also been named a rare success story for a remake drama. The reporters saw in forums of "Itazura na Kiss" a lot of fans from "It started with a kiss" had also paid attention to the Japanese version and had a huge debate over whether Joe Cheng or Kashiwabara Takashi was more handsome, "I had watched the Taiwanese version 1st and really liked it, then I found the Japanese version to watch. I never of thought the so called "the 1st impression is the strongest" had no effect what so ever. After seeing Chong Chong (Kashiwabara Takashi) I felt the Taiwanese version wasn't that attractive, at most it was a bit more funny."

Currently, Korea's "Boys before flower" creator has also announced they will do a remake of "Itazura na Kiss", at present they are looking for cast members, In "Boys before Flower" in the Korean version starring as "Domyoji" Lee Min Ho has been demanded the most. While the other male cast members of "Boys before flowers" each had their own supporters. While for female lead Kotoko the most popular choices were Goo Hye Sun and Kim So Eun.

.....I hope Lee Min Ho could give justice in this remake. ISWAK 1 and ISWAK 2 is a very successful taiwanese drama  that's why i have no doubt that some country will be thnking of remaking it...It has a very nice story and the story become more lovable when JOE CHENG and ARIEL LIN did their very best to portray the characters and also the drama will not be complete without the director .QU YOU NING Is a very good director and I've seen his other dramas and it make me laugh a lot. He has a very good sense of humor and also I've learned that the idea of cross dressing in the marriage of Xiang qin and Shi zhu was Qu You Ning's idea because his marriage is like that he wore a gown in his own wedding hahaha..buit I really like the wedding of Xiang qin and Zhi shu which sometimes makes me think that I wish my wedding is like that...I hope the korean version will be good as the Taiwanese one this is my nnumber one favorite in all taiwanese drama and I hope the leading lady and the leading man in their version will be having the chemistry of what Ariel lin and Joe Cheng have....I'm still waiting for IT STARTED WITH A KISS 3 (the precious kiss) and excited to see ARIEL-JOE again.....

...maybe some of you are thinking why I like IT STARTED WITH A KISS and THEY KISS AGAIN, and that is really true and i watched it over and over again and I never get tired of it. Why? Okay, I like how the director make his drama so watchable that you can laugh, cry and fall in love with jiang shi zhu and xuan xiang qin's character. Two different people. a perfect guy fall in love with a dumb girl and then the girl being adore by his mother and father don't you know that every girls dream is to be close to her mother-in law. I like Xiang qin's character here they said she's a dumb. clumsy and stupid girl and cannot be a perfect match to the genius but she somewhat win over the heart of a genius. Sometimes I wish i have my own Shi Zhu, eventhough he didn't want to express his feelings to xiang qin in public but you know that he really really love xiang qin but he showing it in different way....ithe scenes that i  like includes the first kiss they have in the tunnel , when xiang qin made a gift for shi zhu's b-day but she thinks it lose while shi zhu already got it, tthe raining scene when shi zhu proposed to xiang qin that he wants to marry her...In they kiss again i have so many favorite scene there so i think i'm not mentioning it here , TKA is my  favorite i relate a lot in thisdrama......and of course you will not like the drama if the actors and actress that playing the role is not that good. But Ariel lin and Joe cheng really captured my heart they have the chemistry to make the viewers feel the reality of the drama that you can think they are really a couple.And somehow I wish that they are cause they really fit to each other. I just don't like the ending because I want more, there's many questions hanging that i want an answer so i hope that in ISWAK 3 (the precious kiss) they will answer all that questions in my mind and they will have their own happily ever after.....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


...I finished reading the book of STEPHENIE MEYER BREAKING DAWN which is the 4th book in the TWILIGHT SERIES and I can say that I was satisfied in her work but for me i think that breaking dawn is not the ending for twilight series there's still some questions that i want an answer, i know that we already know that edward and bella will be having their happily ever after forever but still i want to know what will happen to JACOB and RENESMEE are their really SOULMATE..can werewolves and vampire become couple or if not can jacob make himself join the vampire clan to be with his soulmate many questions that i don't know if can be answer...As I search through the internet and go to STEPHENIE MEYER's website i read that she is writing another book which title MIDNIGHT SUN but still it's the story about edward and bella it's just the story is about EDWARD CULLEN's story because the 4 twilight books are based on BELLA SWAN's story . As I read at her draft story i'm startng to like it.. i really found her books so good and interesting that you will not be bored in reading i hope her MIDNIGHT SUN book will be out soon...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Because of the success of the remake drama BOYS OVER FLOWERS many country wants to have their own remakes of some successful korean dramas, taiwanese dramas and japanese dramas...and now they are having their own FULLHOUSE...

FULLHOUSE - a very successful kdrama which star BI RAIN AND SONG HYE KYO and because of this drama some poeple become interested in korean drama...and now the PHILIPPINES are having their own remake that start this NOVEMBER 30,2009 starring RICHARD GUTIERREz as LEE YOUNG JAE, HEART EVANGELISTA as HAN Ji- EUN, ISABEL OLI as KANG HYE WON and PATRICK GARCIA as YOO MIN HYUK....and it's not only the Philippines who will be having the remakes..fullhouse will be having a TAIWANESE VERSION too and it will star WU CHUN (FARENHEIT) and ZHOU XUN and said that they are now preparing for their own fullhouse...but as far as i concern that the taiwanese have already their own fullhouse before which is the drama SMILING PASTA and the director said it is really based in fullhouse but without the living in the same house...but for me ORIGINAL is still THE BEST....i just hope that they can give justice in this beautiful korean drama....and by the way the VIETNAMESE has already have their own version and my opinion is i wish that they didn't do their own remake that's all i can say if you want you can take a look at their version and be the judge....